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so my last name is Cali with a C for SEO purposes. But the actual meaning runs much deeper for me.

This is an artist rendition of Mother Kali. Below is her yantra.

From Wikipedia -

Kali as the Symbol of Creation, Freedom, Preservation and Destruction

The head that hangs in Kali's hand is a symbol of Ego and the scimitar which she is holding represents power and energy.It is believed that Kali is protecting the human race by that scimitar and also destroying the negativity and ego within human being.[43]

What drew me to Kali is her purifying essence. The fact that she affects positive change in humanity by the DESTRUCTION of negativity and ego - selfishness, ignorance, worldliness.

The body lying under Kali symbolizes ruination, is actually a form of Shiva. Kali steps her leg on the chest of the body and suppresses ruination . Since she is standing on the pure white chest of Lord Shiva who, as pure primal awareness, lays in a passive reclining position, with his eyes half open in a state of bliss.

Her hair is long, black and flowing freely depicting Her freedom from convention and the confines of conceptualization.[44]

I LOVE THIS! Freedom from CONVENTION & the CONFINES of CONCEPTUALIZATION. I bet Maa Kali would refuse to wear a bra and shave her legs. The confines of conceptualization- which I interpreted as the ideas formed by others and yourself that comprise your personal self-identity. What conventional society interprets and labels you as - freedom from THAT bullshit. I LOVE IT.

The white teeth which Kali has stands for conscience and her red tongue represents greed. By pressing her white teeth on her tongue Kali refers to control greed.

The goddess may appear terrible from outside but every symbol in Kali signifies truth of life.

I like this too. Not everything is as it seems- the material world is one of illusions. EVERY SYMBOL signifies truth of LIFE, yetat a glance she appears monstrous. Western society and media has also tried real hard to vilify Maa Kali, but nothing speaks louder than pure truth.

Since the earth was created out of darkness, the dark black color of Kali symbolizes the color from which everything was born.[45]

Creation in the void.

Her right hand side arms she shows the Abhaya mudra(gesture of fearlessness) and Vara mudra (gesture of welcome and charity) respectively .

But on the other arm in left side she holds a bloody scimitar and a severed head depicting destruction and end of ego.[46]

I really love the symbolism of the mudras - fearlessness, welcome & charity. Give of yourself freely & fearlessly, because Maa Kali is capable of ripping away the veil of the ego. Anyone can say anything about anything. Once you've had your ego ripped away, once you're living in clear awareness (or working towards it), you won't fall victim to ill-intentioned people. Vibrations and intuition guide me in my interactions. Maa Kali destroys all dishonesty and egocentric bullshit going on.

-defies convention

-destroys ego

-terrifying appearance

-signifies truth of life

-fearlessly welcoming and charitable



*mic drop*

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