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NYE 2015

16000 - :o

you guys are amaaaaazing! so my christmas was pretty fantastic, I got an XBOX one. Email me for my gamertag & teach me how to win at Destiny! IDK yet lol.

It was really lovely seeing all my friends and family and hearing how everyone is doing. I'm so grateful to have such a loving and supportive family, especially since they've been dealing with my wild child self for so long, LOL. I'm still putting my swanky townhouse together - if you haven't seen it, you might be missing out!

No big plans for this monumental evening, except maybe kissing a beer bottle and seeing the peach drop... ah, the bachelorette life.

ANYWAY yes life is good, yes change is imminent, yes growth is happening... yall take care and GOD BLESS!

<3 DC

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