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Happy Memorial Day!

Hi friends!

It's a wonderful day for a holiday - I sincerely appreciate all of our US soldiers & veterans for shouldering the duty to protect our safety & security, and serving our nation.

Recently I've been reading up on what's happening on the forefront of technological development- and it's absolutely amazing to be alive and have the privilege to see the manifestation of the future and the capability of humankind.

Apparently, it will be dangerous and uncommon to drive your own vehicle by the year 2040. Quantum computers will make our current operating systems obsolete. Artificial intelligence will instigate the rise of the "obsolete class.' NASA is sending tiny computers to Alpha Centauri on beams of light. There are now organizations run by code rather than people.

Are we finally leveling up as a species? Perhaps.... Certainly, change is the only constant. I predict quite a bit of turbulence moving forward.

Personally, I desire to rise to the occasion and help my fellow humans build a better future for everyone. Which path I choose in regards to this undertaking remains to be seen.

I am inspired and encouraged.

If you have any thoughts or opinions you wish to express - perhaps a fresh perspective - I love receiving feedback through email, at

I'm off to play Elder Scrolls (level 45 now!) & enjoy some dinner... until next time! :)

XO Dawn

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