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I genuinely appreciate all the wonderful people I have met in my endeavors. I keep hearing so many horror stories about my clients' previous experiences with other people claiming to be providers. I've heard about everything from being stood up, robberies, bait and switch, pimps, even police stings. It's all so mind-blowing! Being on this side of the fence, I don't run into any situations like that. BUT I understand it can be very hard on you guys, so I created this guide! In my previous blog post, I have an image providing tips to check sources online. I would like to flesh out that information, so hopefully you have a better understanding of how to protect yourself from misleading and false advertisements.

Information is key

  • Proof Video - We live in 2016, a time where nearly everyone has access to a phone with video capabilities. If there is no video, the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider. Keep this in mind when appraising potential dates. If she DOES provide a video - pay attention to what identifying information she reveals in it. A vast number of videos & pictures are stolen from social media sites, and reputable providers know this. A good video shows the provider's face and may give details such as a name or current phone number. A potentially stolen video ideally shows a girl dancing (maybe even a slideshow of pictures with music), with no way to identify her.

  • Phone Number - Search the ad website for the provider's phone number. This can show you other ads linking the same number, which is helpful in checking consistency. Also, beware of phone numbers with weird formatting - sometimes this tactic is used to keep the number from being searchable on the ad website. Drop the potential's phone number into Google, followed by the word "escort." (like so: "###-###-#### escort") If nothing shows up, the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider. Have you heard your provider's voice prior to the time of appointment? Be wary of phone numbers you can only text - who knows? - you might be texting a man! Be wary of escorts who are constantly changing their phone number due to "personal issues." Ask yourself, why would she have a new number? It could be a bad review or a change in "management." Maybe she lost it? Lack of consistency with images, numbers and names are major red flags- how can you expect consistency in person?

  • Images - Attention to detail is important in aiding your decision. Inconsistency when posting images is a BIG red flag. If the ad changes erratically & there are always new pictures that don't seem to go, the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider. It's very simple to take 4 consecutive pictures in the same outfit, in the same location. I do it at LEAST twice a month. :) Google Reverse Image Search is an easy way to check if the images are real. This link will tell you EXACTLY how to conduct a reverse image search.

  • Face Pictures - Ask yourself why this provider is hiding her identity- it may be a dangerous situation. If an ad doesn't show her face, the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider! Is the provider committed to professionalism and honesty in their work life? If not, you might run into some pretty bad business! The only things that should remain hidden are real names and real phone numbers. You deserve to see who you are going to see!

  • Linked Website - If an ad includes a link to a website, check it out. See if you can get a feel for the type of person your potential provider is. Look for consistency between the ad and the website. Are the pictures the same? Do the name and phone number match? Does her website include links to reviews or a verification site? If things don't line up, the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider. Be discerning when following links to other sites, of course- spam websites put ads up as well.

  • Reviews - There are many websites that review providers. Real providers generally have no issues getting reviews from their clients. Review sites are also very useful when conducting your search - simply dropping the phone number into the website's search box will reveal any previously recorded encounters. This can help you get an idea of what to expect when you arrive, or it can make you aware of potentially dangerous situations. If a provider does not have any reviews (especially if she claims to be "well-reviewed"), the girl in the pictures is more than likely NOT the provider. Of course, there's always a chance she's a NEW provider- but, is it worth the risk?

  • Verification Sites - There are quite a few websites that facilitate screening for identification purposes- I use P411, which requires a driver's license for verification. There are other sites like DateCheck that provide a similar service. If the ad does not include a link to a verification site, be wary! The girl in the pictures may or may NOT be the provider.

As always, be vigilant when talking to people you don't know. Go with your gut instinct- if it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. If the provider isn't consistent, the appointment will most likely follow suit.

I provide inside details to all of my regulars upon request. I am happy to answer any questions regarding the validity of other providers, little nuances that could be red flags, and connecting other inconspicuous dots in this industry to reveal the truth- as long as you are one of my regulars. :)

Happy researching!


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