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A Brief Gaming History

In unrelated news - Here's a picture from my ride up to Ohio :)

I started gaming when I was a kid. Honestly, I don't quite remember the timeline far before the N64, but I do remember having a brick size Gameboy at one point and maybe a SNES. My brother and I got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas, back in '96. I remember spending the summers playing GoldenEye split screen, License To Kill (Slappers Only, lol) when it got too hot outside to function like a kid :) I always played Xenia. My favorite technique was to stake out a hiding spot while no one was looking and just shoot everyone who tried to find me... if you've played before, you know there are walls you can walk through. THOSE spots, lol.

Super Smash Bros was pretty high up on the multiplayer list as well. Countless hours were spent (mainly as Kirby or Jigglypuff) trying to beat my brother. When I did succeed, I was a super sore winner. He would get so mad at me! I didn't really understand any of the combos, so I probably would've been mad too if I lost to my younger self. ;)

Ocarina of Time was fun and frustrating as a kid. Those damn puzzles! I remember using a game guide (do they still sell those?) to make it all the way through. Moving through the game in a sort of brand-new 3D open-world fashion was really cool, and something I prefer in the games I play today.

I fiddled around with the various iterations of the Sims and other computer based RPGs but nothing really stuck until Bethesda released Oblivion, which my brother got on Xbox 360. I was hooked! The storyline was so comprehensive. You could pick up the MOST arbitrary items! ALL the books have writing in them! The background music is super ambient! It's like real life, but not! Yes, this game was especially made for pre-Dawn circa 2006.

I'll continue this list later... I have a few games to hit.

Until next time!


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