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Always Ascending!

These days, I have quite a few projects going on, as well as a few things I've accomplished.


  1. Facelift Website - I'm working on a whole new layout for my website! I'm very excited about it. Formatting is my favorite part of setting it up, so I'm excited to be in that part of the process. I'm also adding an FAQ, and a whole bunch of new content.

  2. I have painted most of the walls in my house in my house already- it's very colorful! I recently did my closet pink. I have a little bit more to paint before its finished, but I'm close! I'm converting it into a dressing room.

  3. Blinds & Curtains - I put up all of the blinds, curtains, and pictures in my house. I used a power drill, it was easy peasy :)

  4. Facelift Lounge - I can't wait to facelift my lounge! It's already a really cool place to hang out. I'm putting rope lights across the top of the ceiling.

  5. Learn to Code - I'm learning to code in C++ - I want to know more about current technologies and how to apply them in my own life.

Right now I'm in Tallahassee, Florida, so it may be a second before I can get back and finish my house goals. If you're here too, give me a call!

XO Dawn

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