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Fall's here 🍂

My website is coming along quite nicely. I have two more pages to complete before I upload it.

I've been painting quite a bit lately as well. My favorite thing to paint is the female form- all the lines and curves, infinite possibilities in all different shapes and sizes. And colors- I try to use as much color as possible in my paintings. A woman's body is very expressive and sensitive. From the curve of her waist to her thighs, from the strength in her shoulders and collarbones to the softness of her lips, a woman is a lovely muse to paint.

I'm currently reading "Healing Love Through The Tao" by Mantak Chia- so far it's been an enlightening read. There are two versions of the book, male and female. I plan on reading both! It's pretty informative...

If you have any book recommendations on sexual energy, send me an email!


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