Back at Home

Hey, happy Sunday! It's a beautiful day today here at home in Augusta... I started a new painting and I'm cleaning up the house. I'm loving the transition from summer to fall here in the Southeast, as it's finally getting cold outside. I just got some new UGGS with bows on the back to prepare for the chilly weather. I've always preferred function over fashion.

Now that I'm home I can get back to playing Elder Scrolls - maybe my new character will be better at PvP than my original! I didn't realize how useless a Nightblade would be with others until I beat the main quest line and hit Veteran levels. It's still my favorite character build, regardless. :)

Other than that, I'm enjoying life and every moment I've been blessed with. I love being here and spending unforgettable time with such original and interesting human beings.

I made a personal and solid decision to be a provider. I thoroughly enjoy my life experience and what I learn in and from this field every day. I live fearlessly and gratefully in my profession. I take pleasure in caring for my fellow human. I love giving new experiences to those who are otherwise inexperienced. I fully believe in trying new things and pushing personal boundaries, so it delights me when I meet someone else willing to expand their life experience. If this is you, let me know...


Dawn Cali

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