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Happy Holidays!

Only five days until Christmas... wow. This year has really flown by! I hope everyone gets what they want. I know I haven't been blogging as much- I've been SUPER busy with my family. Speaking of, I will be spending the holidays in Nevada with relatives. I'm flying out tomorrow... should be pretty fun.

You know since the birth of this blog, I've been trying really hard to keep it lukewarm, pretty benign, void of opinion and conflict of interest. I imagined being very politically correct, somewhat interesting but very vanilla. As such, I've found little joy in blogging. In an effort to make my blogging experience (and subsequently your reading experience) more enjoyable, I've decided to let some things off of my mind.

If you REALLY want to know more about me... here's a little idea of things I generally think about but usually keep to myself.

Things Dawn Thinks About

  • Plastic and oil, plastic and oil. A death sentence for our planet, for all things alive.

  • The pipeline protests happening throughout the country- and the injustices suffered by my fellow Americans at the hands of slimy corporations, intent on FRACKING THE WHOLE PLANET.

  • The new government upon us - the freedoms they will try and usurp. The inequalities they will perpetuate. The lives (and livelihoods) that may be lost to the greed and arrogance of a few materialistically wealthy people.

  • The best puppy that ever was born, Suzy Bishop!

  • What direction I want my future to take. (I'm still clueless, if you were curious.)

  • People - their behaviors, viewpoints, actions and consequences. (Where am I going with this?)

  • Doing yoga. Making plans to do yoga that I may or may not act upon.

  • The etymology of words.

  • Lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Just a preview. It gets ~wild~ in my mind.

I do plan on blogging more. Perhaps more stream of consciousness posts- this has been mildly entertaining.

Stay tuned for more aimless blog posts from yours truly! LOL.

I hope everyone has a lovely, benign, politically correct holiday!


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