I just noticed I haven't blogged since last year... and in my last blog post I said I would blog more! Such is life.

No time like the present...

So I've been giving a lot of thought recently to what it might take to build, maintain, and enjoy a completely self-sustaining lifestyle. Completely free of any dependence on society's resources.

Because let's face it,

  1. Thefood we eat is pumped full of chemicals. (examples - EWG)

  2. The animals we eat live and die in fear, filth & sadness. (examples - ASPCA)

  3. The water is full of fluoride and other chemicals. (examples - Harvard News)

  4. The sheer amount of plastic we buy and use is extremely detrimental to the environment (examples - Center for Biological Diversity )

  5. Etcetera, etcetera!

So really, we're paying giant corporations to slowly poison us. With everything we consume. That really doesn't sit well with me- I have a nagging, incessant desire to break away from the cycle of misery we're born into (and made to idolize) and claim my independence from the ever encroaching hands of big business.

How crazy! How insane to work all of life for someone else, and pay them back what they paid you to keep working for them day in and day out!

How reassuring to know you take care of yourself and your family in the simplest sense of the phrase- you feed them, shelter them, and clothe them by your own hand. Literally manually.

Now, rather than sitting in an office and spending most of your life doing shit to support the system that's slowly poisoning you and everyone you know and love... you can really learn to be self-sufficient. And think how much more love goes into homemade food, personal livestock, homegrown gardens. More manual labor, but more time at home with the family. Working outside, gardening, taking care of the earth and its bountiful harvest, can be very therapeutic as well.

After a quick google search, I realized this idea is neither new or unique- it's called homesteading. And given the current global political climate, knowledge of self-sustenance is going to be valuable.

I have this thing about security. I want to have my own, in a way that I rely on myself. In a way that someone can't just come take it from me, one way or the other. It's very, very important to me that in my future, I can make a way regardless of money.

(I hope y'all enjoy the random pic of me fangirling to the tune of Harry Potter. I plan on doing a seductive Slytherin schoolgirl shoot in the near future 🐍)

Anyway. That's what's been making my butt itch recently. 😘 It's certainly a unique lifestyle, and one I'm keen to learn more about.

I hope y'all are having a beautiful, extraordinary Monday. God bless the Atlanta Falcons. The events of last night took the wind out of my chest... rise up anyway!

Love Dawn ❤️

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