Life Update

Hey there. I honestly haven't been up to much, just sort of treading through life with my head in the clouds. Really nothing new!

I began watching Game of Thrones again - I started on the 3rd season, because I've already seen the first two a long, long time ago in a very different iteration of myself. It's an excellent show. I've read almost all of the books, up to A Dance with Dragons. It's cool to see the plot expressed in film- I'm constantly being reminded of plot lines I forgot about over time, after reading the books. Like the relationship between Sam Tarly and Gilly, and their adventurous attempt to find a safe place south of the wall. It's also interesting to see storylines begin to play out that I already know the ending to - or the ones they're milking but I already know will be obsolete at some point in the story. But I digress...

I've also been volunteering at the animal shelter recently. You would think it's alot of cuddling with dogs and cats, or just cleaning up their poop, but no. It's loads of laundry, and wall washing, and pricing strange, misfit items for a garage type fundraiser sale. A G.I. Joe Barbie-style doll in the package goes for $300 these days, if you can believe it. If only I saved all my Pokemon cards and Beanie Babies! Such is life, I suppose.

Another recent development - I purchased a wall hanging for my personal bedroom. Which is a big step for me, by the way. I do have a personal taste and interest in expressing myself in my own space, but it's difficult for me to indulge myself in personal delights. I have so much to save for and get done to reach my personal goal of security. I haven't decided whether it's simply lifetime or multigenerational; I guess that depends on whether I have children or decide to build a legacy for all children... I have lofty goals, at the least.

Anyway- I'm just here doing my thing. Thoughts? Email me! Always, Dawn

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