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So I guess the most exciting news I have at the moment is that I'm changing my hair again. You'll have to wait and see what color... I'm only going to say that it's definitely not going to be a natural color. I'm going to miss how easy it is to turn it blonde. And I'm NOT looking forward to dye stained pillowcases everywhere I go. It will be nice to change it though.

What do you like hearing me prattle on about? Given the nature of my website, there should /probably/ be more explicit posts, right?

What's the difference between an unforgettable experience and 'the usual,' so to speak?

There's something.

A letting go, of sorts. It feels like... no consideration or calculation, no thought. Just fulfilling a need. It's hard to describe something so animalistic. It's entirely selfish, but a shared kind of selfish. What's it called when two humans forget everything they know in pursuit of a shared ecstasy? When the ego is shed, along with the fears and thoughts and what-ifs, all that's left is a real opportunity for bliss to blossom.

I've seen humans change when we shed our clothes. Like tons of weight. What's left is usually an itch that needs to be scratched. And it's very... wild, & instinctual. I feel more like a facilitator of magic than a magician. I am not the main event - rather, I'm a conduit for expressing something beautiful and alive. These are the unforgettable experiences.

And then, some humans keep the weight on even naked. Even fully engaged, they just can't let go of what they carry, not for a second. Instead of facilitating magic, I guide. It's more conventional this way, as I stay Dawn Cali the provider throughout the experience. I'm the main event, and I guide him to release. This is the usual.

Now I realize, hey - I'm a provider. Not everyone is going to feel comfortable letting go in my presence... but I gotta say, it's phenomenal when a man chooses to.

Those are my Monday morning reflections. Have an inspiring day!


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