Expanding The Brand!

Alright so quick update guys....touring's going nothing short of amazing so far. Thats awesome right? Totally awesome. Ok - now...yesterday I finally launched my online store featuring pieces from my uhhhhh....adventures - yes adventures that's the word lol. Feel free to cruise on over and check it out!

Another HUGE deal in my World currently is my search or universe's reply to receiving a worthy nomination for expanding the Dawn Cali Brand. Yes you read that right...where there was one there will soon be two lol! It hasn't been an easy task - I've met some pretty interesting and also some very scary girls so far - its truly mind blowing. Id like to narrow this search before touring ends. So if you happen to know a provider that deserves more or you feel she could flourish tremendously as my friend feel free to email or call:)

This lifestyle wasn't always so glamorous and consistent - its a learned skill although through trial and error I can say it can also be taught. Dont worry guys Im taking my time with expanding the brand - Im literally going to have to live with my decision lol

Until next time...muah!



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