The Life of a Thought

It's so easy to ponder, postulate, and speculate on and about stuff that adds no value to anyone's quality of life, including yours. Technology has made this a million times easier by granting anyone access to a ridiculously vast amount of information. This is lovely! The potential is immeasurable! One thing though - it's not very easy to find valuable information. The internet is flooded with marketing of all kinds, specifically catered to people with your viewing history, search history and social media interaction pattern

  • The thought occurs - 'i love pie' (a) --->

  • The choice is presented - a(

  • react to thought and feed it ->-> 'i want pie' (b)->-> 'cherry pie sounds good' (c) ---> etc.

  • Any further thought occurring after the initial thought on any given subject has momentum behind it. It's math! a+b+c, given they are all positive, will manifest the thought more powerfully than a+b.

  • The strength of the willful desire behind the thoughts you are transmitting affects your ability to manifest what you're thinking.

  • This is also influenced greatly by your perception of what's possible in this reality and what you believe you are capable of.

  • Your thoughts compile like code and you execute through action.

  • You think about what you are doing. You consider the consequences & rewards of your actions (whether critically or inadvertently), and make a choice accordingly.

  • What you feel about your thoughts and actions, and the clarity of the feelings affect your ability to manifest.

  • keep breathing & move forward -x-> '...'

or just....maybe - Im over thinking lol

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