3 Things A Woman Needs

These are not things you have to feel bad for wanting or settling on not having (in my opinion):

1. ADORATION - a woman must be admired by her mate. Women must feel appreciated and loved. Complimenting your woman, flirting, pursuing her as if you've never met continuously and consistently.

2.PROTECTION - in every form. Mentally, Spiritually & Physically protected. A woman must know that in your presence - she will not be harmed, disrespected or disturbed. She is your Earth, your light. She nurtures your life, she is essential and must be balanced to add to you as a man.

3.PROVISION - be the provider. You take care of her - she takes care of everything you love. Lead. Finances are the mans responsibility - anything a woman that you choose has must be supplemental not essential for peace and prosperity:)

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